What is Project Canvas?

Project Canvas is a visual tool that improves communication in project teams and provides a simplified project overview.

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Where can Project Canvas be used?

Project Canvas is made by project facilitators and project management professionals, who seek to simplify the challenge of project communication – before, in and after project execution:

project kickstart: pitching and project initiation.

project overview: project briefing and status.

project management: task assignment and project progress.

Project Canvas gives users a common communication framework for all bodies involved in the project process. Thus, decreasing changes of misunderstandings – and hereby wasted money and time – among everyone involved in the project.

Build on top of well known methodologies

Project Canvas is built on the basis of studying the similarities in the popular project management methodologies: PRINCE2, PMI and Scrum. The following 12 elements was chosen after both qualitative and quantitative comparison and empirical prototyping with both small (1-4 people) and large (12-50 people) project organizations: purpose, scope, success criteria, outcome, team, stakeholders, users, resources, constraints, risks, milestones and actions. The visual representation is inspired by the well-known and widely used Business Model Canvas and Game Plan.

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A project has an extraordinary amounts of facets, which Project Canvas simplifies and makes easier to understand by decreasing features and focus on the macro-level of the project.

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Picture the process

Fill in the canvas to visualize your project’s framework.

Manage your time

Map out significant milestones and specific actions.

Make the right decisions

Map out significant milestones and specific actions.

Empower innovate teams

Involve your team in brainstorming project possibilities, while covering all the important aspects.


Encourage action-oriented education with project-based learning.

Happy Users Say...

Project Canvas is used in a range of different environments, such as schools, workshops and professional businesses.
Some of the happy users of Project Canvas have stated the following:

“I like Project Canvas. Visualization always improves better mutual understanding and communication.”

Lead Engineer at Johnson Controls, Bulgaria

“Project Canvas is the missing link when it comes to creating a red thread in our projects. ”

Master Students at Technical University of Denmark

“Project Canvas is a great guideline, as it quickly maps out the vital elements of a project.”

Project Manager at FLSmidth



Thijs van Tilburg

Manager and facilitator

Thomas Simon Olesen

Creator and facilitator

Simon Stubben

Creator and facilitator

Sune Liengård


Martin Vyrostko

Web Developer

Nina Bonne Breum


Download Project Canvas

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